1. senselessness, meaninglessness, thoughtlessness, shallowness, vacantness, blankness, vacuousness, emptiness; vapidity, vapidness, insipidity, insipidness, flatness, dullness, tediousness; stupidity, asininity, imbecility, idioticalness, insensateness, dumbness, doltishness; slowness, moronity; illogic, il-logicalness, illogicality, irrationality, irrationalness; idiocy, lunacy, madness, craziness, Sl. screwiness.
2. folly, unwiseness, imprudentness, imprudency, Archaic. insipience; indiscretion, indiscreetness, ineptitude; unreasonableness, foolhardiness, Sl. foolhead-edness, hastiness, impulsiveness, impetuousness; im-practicality, impracticalness, pointlessness, wild-goose chase, extravagance; ridiculousness, ridiculosity, ludi-crousness, preposterousness; absurdity, absurdness, nonsensicalness, nonsensicality.
3. nonsense, moonshine, gobbledegook; foolish humbug, bunkum or buncombe, Sl. bunk, U.S. Sl. blah; flummery, Inf. hokum, Sl. applesauce, Sl. eyewash; rubbish, Sl. tripe, refuse, Dial. culch, chaff, trash, Inf. truck, trumpery; tommyrot, Inf. rot, Sl. garbage, Sl. crap, Sl. crock, Sl. bull; balderdash, hog-wash, Sl. horsefeathers; stuff, stuff and nonsense, Inf. bosh, Brit. Inf. gammon, Brit. Sl. tosh; fudge, folly, rigmarole or rigamarole, amphigory; footle, Inf. ma-larkey, Sl. bushwa, Sl. baloney, Sl. bilge or bilge water, Sl. meshugaas, Scot, and North Eng. haver; poppycock, Inf. fiddle-faddle, Inf. piffle, Inf. hooey, Inf. kibosh, Inf. flapdoodle; claptrap, rodomontade, fustian, bombast, rant, Sl. hot air, Sl. gas.
4. antic, antics, caper, Inf. shenanigans, Sl. monkey-shines, Sl. monkeybusiness; prankishness, mischief, Inf. hanky-panky, Scot, and North Eng. daffing; prank, trick, practical joke; fooling, foolery, tomfoolery, horseplay; clowning, clownery, clownishness; buffoonery, buffoonism, buffoonishness, harlequinade; joking, jesting, jocosity, jocoseness, jocularity, wag-gishness, waggery, drollery; levity, frivolity, facetiousness; silliness, inanity, childishness, puerility, juvenility, Inf. sappiness.

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